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Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, magical and colourful ! Our magic artist Picasso is a multi-talented individual, picture David Copperfield and Leonardo Davinci having a child.

With a proudly groomed moustache and his favourite apron, Picasso incorporates vibrant colours into his show along with a whole lot of silly antics which will leave your children rolling on the floor laughing. We present to you the visual and colourful world of our magic artist Picasso !


1. Minions! A crowd favourite ! Who can resist these little minions with their beady eyes and silly expressions. Hmmm… but they look a little dull in black and white. Fret not!
With the help of the children, and Picasso’s magical gesture, they manage to bring a whole lot of colours into their lives again.

2. Animal’s DrawingPad: Picasso loves to draw and one of his favourite kind of portrait is to draw animals ! As he gets the children to think of various animals, he makes a couple of silly mistakes when he tries to read their minds. With a little magic, the drawing moves and fixes itself right before their very eyes!

3. Twinkle Twinkle Star! Ever wondered how may stars are there in the sky ? Picasso brings his entire show to an amazing and spectacular ending as he turns different pieces of cut-outs into a shower of confetti stars ! Quick make a wish !