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A native from the enchanted forest, Bobo the magic elf has lost his way in the human world and he needs some help to return back home. His mission: To collect the coloured silks for his magic cape by gathering as much smiles and laughter from the children !

Highly interactive and energetic, this pointy eared little creature with a thirst for adventure will definitely bring the whole family on a fun-filled journey !


1. Torn and restored map! Oh no Bobo’s magic map is torn into pieces but he needs it to find his way back home ! Don’t blink as Bobo gathers the children to chant the magic words and the map magically restores itself.

2. Water water where are you? A natural born prankster, Bobo gets an unsuspecting adult to help out with this trick. What starts out as a practical joke ends up becoming a mind-blowing miracle ! This act brings the whole family together as everyone is in on the joke. Or are they?

3.Banapple! An apple a day keeps the doctor away ! Bobo shows a picture of a banana and an apple. Mix, mix, mix and they seem to magically switch places ! Keep your eye out for the apple as Bobo gets hungry really quickly 😉