Why Magic for Kids Birthday?

The joy and beauty of making another 365 days turn can be overwhelming and propitious, the importance ascribed to this day from ages had grown into a rooted ritual, a special day with special plans, perspectively some movements allured the celebration of this day, dogmas while some sees it, idolatry. The many beliefs calibrated concerning this day actually point it out as an interesting day.

           MumboMagic sets the observer or celebrant within the center of the sphere, a moment that makes all, about him/her, the gravitation of attention towards the subject, the euphoria.

To an extent the height of this feeling or expectation of this day creates a nervous-syndrome in kids, they see more to this day (these days) than the adults.

These days are their wishes come-true-days. Kids are humans who are seldom worried, everyday comes with its degree of excitement and joy for them but a birthday is different, it’s more of a day their yearly fairy godmother appear and grant all piled up wishes, wishes like promises they have received especially from parents and siblings (older ones), the “I will get you this and that on your next birthday” promises. Kids are everything but not one who forgets promises, so the drawing near of this day presents them the possibility of acquiring new gifts to their collections; toys, games, clothes, footwear. e.t.c.

These days give kids the throne-like attraction, moment kids feel the day’s order resides with them, they understand the attentions gravitating towards them, from all sides, the feeling around other kids, and all surprises spontaneously invading their consciousness, kids drown in the happiness the magic of this day lends them.

MumboMagic let your kids talk about this day before it comes and they won’t stop looking out for the end of its 365 days trip, an end that brings the beginning of another magical day. It’s always a happy birthday with the world of fulfilment at their feet.

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