Behind the Story of ” Bobo the Magic Elf “, Tips of the Trade

Hello there ! This Bobo the Magic Elf, MumboMagic’s Kids Magician in Singapore.

I hope everyone is coping well over this circuit breaker period and not getting too bored at home haha ! Well, we’ve got you covered here at Mumbomagic 🙂 I’m sure every time you see a magician you always wonder to yourself how the tricks are done and how cool it would be to know the inner secrets.

Today I will be sharing some tips on how to get started in magic and help you learn some amazing magic tricks to baffle your family and friends !

Tip #1:

Nowadays the internet has literally ANYTHING and EVERYTHING so that would be my first go-to resource for picking up some basic yet mind-blowing magic tricks. In my opinion youtube videos are usually the best when it comes to starting out on how to learn simple magic tricks. This is because it allows you to follow along in real time and pause the video if necessary. The next question then comes to mind: which youtube video should I learn from ? There are a few magicians on youtube who are credible teachers, a few names come to mind such as Daniel Madison, Jay Sankey, and Alex Pandrea. All of whom are recognised figures in the magic industry so I would definitely recommend checking out their content. Another resource worth checking out is the Masterclass series put out by Penn and Teller (if you don’t know who they are, go check them out before learning any magic at all haha) where they go through the very basics of magic to the more advanced material. Topics like showmanship and sleight of hand are all covered on this series so do take a look !

If you are looking to spend some money to fund this new found hobby or take your magic to the next level, it would be great to check out online magic shops! Some shops that I frequent are Murphy’s Magic, Penguin Magic and Vanishing Inc as they provide more in depth video downloads and specific magic effects that cater to your preference (card magic, mentalism, coin magic, etc.) l l

Do note that these resources require you to pay before you learn anything so please be sure to do some prior research on that particular DVD or download you are buying before making the purchase. Hence, I would only recommend you purchase from magic websites only after you have some basic understanding of magic effects.

*If you like to have some fun in starting out beginner’s magic for you or your kids, check out the magic sets below.

Tip #2:

After you have successfully embarked on Tip #1, it would have taken you at least a month or two to explore the magic scene online but trust me there are a ton of information awaiting you. Haha, so after this one or two months you could consider going to your local libraries after this circuit breaker and borrow some magic books as some libraries in Singapore do hold books that have valuable magic for children. Besides physical books, NLB (National Library Board) also allows for Ebook borrowing on their website which might be more convenient for you on the go. Some good books I recommend are Joshua Jay’s Magic the Complete Course, Easy Magic Tricks by Joseph Leeming and 101 Easy-to-Do Magic Tricks by Bill Tarr. When you do actually go down to the library, head over to the hobbies and crafts section as that is where you will find most of the magic books. Good thing is that most books in public libraries are beginner friendly so most of them should be good enough.


One of the best experiences I had with magic was walking into a magic shop for the first time in my life. It was as if I walked into a whimsical world, with a myriad of secrets waiting for me to unravel.

Edited from, Original image: BTS, About the 5th muster: 매직샵 (Magic Shop)

Once this circuit breaker is over, it would be worth checking out one of the magic shops in our sunny island. There used to be a couple shops 10 years ago but many of them died out due to the secluded locations in which they were situated in. Fortunately, there is one last physical magic shop in Singapore that I would recommend checking out as you get to experience the products first hand. This shop is called magic castle and it is located at Orchard Plaza.

The shop keeper (William) is a very nice guy and he will be able to give you the best recommendations for any suitable products in the market. Going to a physical magic shop also allows you to watch the live demonstrations for some products and this gives you a better idea of how the trick looks.

There you go!

These are just some of my tips and recommendations on how to get started in magic. Other magicians might have their own recommendations so it is best that you decide on what medium suits you best. In fact, we here at Mumbomagic offer magic lessons as well which combine math and science to create many amazing tricks. This way you not only pick up some skills to astonish your friends, you also get to learn many interesting principles in the field of math and science. You can check out our packages here !

Once again this is Bobo the Magic Elf ! We hope this blog post helped you in one way or another and we look forward to meeting you at your next party ! Take care and stay safe 🙂

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